It is clear to us - a student will never see any dot of success when the student beats a teacher. A Texas high school student beats one of his teachers in the classroom over a consisted phone. The incident occurred after the teacher took away the teen’s smartphone for using it in class. It is not allowed for maintaining the environment of teaching in the classroom. The disturbing assault was caught, ironically, on a smartphone.
The video shows a confrontational male student in a black t-shirt getting behind the desk of Cedar Hill High School physics teacher Bobby Soehnge. The angry teen forcefully pushes and knocks papers to the floor with his right hand. He then gets into his teacher’s face and threatens: “This is the last time asking your stupid ass.” The teen raises his left hand, reaches underneath Soehnge’s jaw, and shoves the teacher, pushing him back toward the white board. As he stomps away, the student demands: “Give me my damn phone.”

The other students in the class can be heard shouting their disbelief of the situation. Yet, throughout, Soehnge sat calmly in his chair. Subsequently, the teacher placed the student’s mobile device on the top of the table. The agitated teen grabbed his phone and stormed out of view.

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