We all know how painful the moment becomes when a small pin pierce. A man has a pin from some previous reconstructive surgery removed. It is not clear how the man got pierced in his face by this giant 5 inch pin. But in the Youtube video’s description, it mentions a broken eye socket, so that’s probably it.
In the video you can see the man is sitting calmly on a clinic while a doctor uses a clamp to pull something out of his face. The matter is also not clear that he’s a doctor even if he’s not wearing gloves.

After a few twisting attempt with the clamp tool, the pin goes visible on the camera. The doctor did not stop but continued twisting until he pulls out the whole 5-inch pin hiding on the man’s face. There wasn’t much blood after he pulled it out. If you are weak hearted person, you should avoid the video. It seems the pin pierced vertically in the face.  This guy is a bad ass for not crying, he even looked like he was enjoying it.

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