Who want to leave this beautiful world? We are always fighting for survival ii this world. There are may people who have cut their body parts for live. This crayfish is an example which  escaped certain death in a bowl of soup – by chopping off one of its claws.
A video posted on the Chinese social media site Weibo by a user named Jiuke, showed about to be boiled alive for dinner, a crayfish was captured on video amputating its own claw to escape a pot of boiling broth at a restaurant in China last week. Jiuke had ordered a big serving of live crayfish at a Chinese hotpot restaurant. After throwing in the crayfish into the boiling spicy hotpot broth, Jiuke noticed that one of the creatures had crawled out of the bowl.

This crayfish’s self-severed claw will likely be regained, but the ethics of boiling crustaceans alive in the first place will continue to be a hotly debated topic. The creature realized one of its claws was slowing its escape and without any hesitation used its other claw to slice it off and wriggle free.

This intrepid crayfish joins the ranks of such esteemed animals as Inky the octopus. Inky had been living at New Zealand’s National Aquarium. One day, the staff came in to find he’d escaped, slipping out of his enclosure and sneaking several feet over to the six-inch-wide drain.

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