There are numerous couple in the world who are very old in their age but not in their mentality. This couple are one of them, who have not been named, were in the lobby of the Magic City Casino on Friday night when they put on a spicy dance show for delighted crowds, and the footage of their performance has proved to be a hit on social media.

Here in this video, you can see the couple are swaying back and forth, with eyes locked on one another and their show soon escalated. The couple are twerking to a reggaeton song, her partner went low to the ground, to the delight of the crowd who gathered to watch, cheering and recording the event on their phones.

This mind blowing dance of the oldest couple was posted to Facebook by comedy act Los Pichy Boys, who captioned it in Spanish: ‘Me as an old man with my girl’. The viral sensation is certainly good publicity for Magic City, which hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons last year when an off-duty police officer was stabbed on the premises.

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