We all should keep in mind again - do not play with fire and loaded gun. This man will teach this because he has made this mistake. The stupid man accidentally shot himself in the groin while bending over to pick something up on the ground after loading a gun.

This viral video shows a man, expertly load a Glock then holster the handgun inside the front of his pants. When he walks over to a shelf and bends down to pick something up, the gun suddenly fires with a shocking loud bang. It was a great stupidity of the man that we are clear from this footage. The man jolts up and screams in pain as the gun fired into his groin.

It is believed the footage have been filmed in Nevada, shows the man putting the weapon in its holster inside his trousers when disaster strikes. After bending down, the gun fires a bullet through his groin, prompting a horrified screech from the unfortunate victim. He can be seen clutching onto his belt with a grimace, reeling after the close shot. He swiftly takes off his belt and removes the gun’s magazine from the inside of his pants. A second man in the room can be seen whipping out a phone to call for help.

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