The workplace sometimes becomes a place of movement and it can create toxic environment if both managers and their staff don’t have a good working relationship.  This means performing well enough to achieve the company’s goals and, well, getting paid on time. An angry construction worker was caught on film using a giant excavator to crush his boss’ sports car. The shocked owner is seen looking on in horror as his expensive motor is left completely flattened.

A jaw-dropping YouTube clip shows the worker smash into the plush white car with the giant excavator. This happened when the employee of the construction company was not paid for three months.  So he wanted to take revenge and drove the excavator and crushed his boss’ Kia Soul. As if that wasn’t enough, he drove over the car and tore it to pieces.

If you are a boss of an organization, you should keep in mind that this can happen anytime if you don’t pay salary in time of your employees. Some YouTube commenters are speculating that the car has no engine, which may be the case, but let’s keep in mind who those commenters are - one step above the flora in your colon.

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