That moment when you drop your phone and everything stops. You can hear your heart beat the buzz of the world around you is silenced, all cognition stops - you see as if in slow motion the pirouette of your $700 piece of electronics toward the cement. Most of us have broken our costly smart phones after slipping from hands or table. A German engineering student has invented a ’mobile airbag’ case design that automatically deploys when a phone is dropped.

We already have several case options in the market that can protect mobile devices from harm, such as cracks, scraps, water damage, and more. But usually, they come at a price apart from adding more bulk to the handsets that we have to carry around in our pockets. But a solution called AD (active damping) phone case, which has been registered for a patent, can detect when your handset is in a free fall. It then releases springs to make the phone bounces on the surface, damping the impact.

This ’active damping’ (AD) phone case has built-in sensors and eight springs that look like hooks. The sensors can automatically detect when the phone is in free fall and then deploy the springs to catch the phone when it hits the ground. Philip Frenzel, a student at Aalen University in Germany, designed this amazing and genius phone case that deploys prongs as soon as you drop it, working like an airbag. Three years ago, Philip dropped his brand new iPhone and it got cracked its display. It inspires him to make this case.

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