There is something fascinating about humans that are a little bit or a lot different from the rest of us. Do you know that people with real superpowers actually exist? People who possess incredible sight, stamina and durability. But that’s not all. Some even possess the ability to project energy, have an uncanny memory and even employ X-ray vision.

These incredible super powers of the persons in the video must make you stunned. It’s no accident that movies like The Avengers are big hits at the cinema. On our planet, living among us there are also humans with real super powers. The people in this video, some well known and some not, all have something extra and special about them. It could be something do do with their senses, or the way their brain works.

In the compilation video you can see, one man puts out a burning candle just using the air of his speed of hands. This is really incredible. Some of the people who are zealous can explain, it is easy. But you have to try to realize this. in another part of the video, another old man has shown his incredible invisible power that is like magic.

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