It is common incident the scene of fighting on the road between two or groups. We know ferocious animals eat raw flesh but it does not go with human beings. In this stage of modern civilization, people are being ferocious like wild animals. This video proves that where a Philadelphian apparently takes a bite on the ear of another during road rage.

Here in this video you can see, two men involve in fighting on the street. After throwing few punches, the fight stopped for a while. Guy in black seems to have been hurt, guy in gray just wants to quit. After a few moment one they continued punching each other, but the video cuts into a scene where the guy in gray cornered his opponent into a car.

Guy in black not wanting to lose bit the man’s ear that was really brutality. He seems to be trying to rip it off and at last he did that. They wrestled into the ground while the grey guy’s ear bleeds. That is one of the cringest things I’ve ever seen. Drunk or on something, they’ll wear the scars for the rest of their life, well done.

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