Every kid in the world does the same two things when they are in a swimming pool: they try to go the length of the pool entirely under water and they see how long they can hold their breath at the bottom. They try but cannot do that they think. But this French freediver Guillaume Néry casually dropping to the the bottom of the world\’s deepest swimming pool in a single breath.

In this video French free diver Guillaume Néry swims to the floor of the deepest pool in the world, The Deep Joy Y-40 of the Hotel Terme Millepini in Padua, Italy, and he does it without any breathing apparatus. Filmmaker Julie Gautier, Néry’s wife, captured the whole underwater scene beautifully. Once reaching the intermediary floors of the pool, Néry made his way to the edge of a vertical tunnel and gracefully jumped over and down to the pool’s 40 meter deepest depth, all while maintaining that single breath.

The Y40 pool is the world\’s deepest, with a central well 40 meters (~131-feet) deep. Obviously, it\’s not your typical backyard swimming pool and was designed specifically for diving practice. At 40 meters deep (a little over 131 feet), it’s hard to imagine what this feels like in terms of the pressure it must put on Néry, but the fact he does this without oxygen makes it surreal. Almost dreamlike.

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