It is not easy to present live news from the spot. This meteorologist for KPNX in Phoenix realized this well. She attempted to report on the extreme monsoon weather hitting Arizona, and while the live shot may not have gone exactly according to plan, her illustration did more than enough to detail the dangers of the storm hitting the area.

The video shows the winds turned Krystle Henderson’s umbrella inside out, allowing the rain to soak her instantly. She tried her best to hold the umbrella. This didn’t stop Henderson from doing her job, as she began her live report on the news. She continued her live report in spite of stormy wind.

She managed to hold onto the umbrella--barely in gusting and pushing her backwards. Wind gusts were measured up to 71 mph. Eventually, she loses her hat, and the studio anchors realize that this live report probably wasn’t the best idea. The camera seemed to be struggling to provide a clean image, and Henderson was focusing all her energy on staying on her feet and keeping hold of an umbrella that was doing more harm than good.

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