Most kids are cute and adorable. The demands of the adorable kids are not handsome money to buy a costly car. They only want adorable kiss when they get up from bed early.  When they go too far, they may become annoying. But this clever kid make the internet world laughter.

You will never deny to kiss if your baby wants. It is great if your son asks you for a kiss, which usually only happens in his childhood when he is still very young. However, if you son is as naughty as the kid in the video, you need to be careful when you give your kiss.

Here the hilarious video shows, the boy is tricking his dad for a ‘dirty’ kiss. The boy first requests for few kisses, the kisses are on the boy’s lips, that were great as usual, but for the last one, things become ‘dirty’.  After watching the video, you may think twice when you will about to kiss your baby.

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