Monkeys are considered naughty animals among all other animals. Can a monkey drive a car? This question will make you confused. A primate was filmed steering a public bus and driving the vehicle itself in Tamil Nadu in southern India.

Here in this video you can see , a brown monkey is sitting on the steering wheel as it drives the bus full of passengers. It is not clear the monkey is pet or wild. But it is clear that the fearless monkey has curiosity to drive a bus. It seems they ape is trying to take full control of the steering wheel as the driver sits back and relaxes.

One of the passengers starts to capturing footage as the monkey drives the huge vehicle on a busy highway. Indian officials have ordered a probe against the driver, who drove the bus on behalf of Tamil Nadu State Transport. One of the passengers who was taken aback by the ape’s driving skills immediately took out his mobile phone and captured the rare incident. The passenger can be heard asking the driver, ‘Is he an expert driver?’ to which the driver replies that the primate knows how to drive. But it is impossible controlling steering a little bit .

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