This is  really a funny moment and at the same time it is also embarrassing when your electronic device is not talking your command correctly. We are using a magic box that is Alexa that is really a great invention. A kid commands their Google Alexa with his bubble that is really hilarious.

Here in this video you can see, a kid is asking Alexa to play “digger digger”, that is probably a cartoon movie, that we are not sure about. The machine has problem getting it right and after a few attempts, she outputs some NSFW words that may be a searching history of his father.

The words of the Alexa make the kid totally confused. The words were not so friendly for the kids. His father said, “Amazon contacted us and said it was their fault. We had our Spotify linked to Alexa and she played a porno ringtone from Spotify. It would have said some messed up shit if it played my actual search history”

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