Motherly affection will never be finished as far the world exists. A child is grown up by its mother,through of her caring,loving as well. Without motherly affection life is impossible of a new born child. A new born child is firstly welcome by its mother. In this footage shows the amazing birth of a 10 pound baby born riding shotgun in the families car while her husband drives to the hospital. The couple speeds down the highway to the Bay Area Birthing Center, close to the Houston, Texas area. Mom had to take matters into her own hands and force the delivery herself. Already After a number of screams, mom realized the babies head was crowning and she wasn’t going to make it to the hospital. She literally takes matters into her own hands as she pulls the baby out, incredible job indeed. To give birth of a new child is not easier task but here the mom has proved herself,and proved the critical situation how to handle a critical moment. As a whole this amazing moment is really praiseworthy!!