Guys have you ever seen longest off road vehicle? This is really amazing vehicle that will you make you astonish at. This heavy vehicle can carry heavy load of goods and can move in any situation. Sometimes the very best ideas lose out to entrenched economic interests that favor an inferior technology. But in the end, if a great technology doesn’t make it to the mainstream, parts of it may be adopted and used in other ways. Anyway guys if you take a look in the footage you will see that this technology based vehicle can move easily and carry heavy load that is amazing. This is 600 feet long in size. In addition,these engines spun generators providing electricity to electric motors, one for each set of wheels. The overland train was made up of DC drive motors, planetary systems, switch gear boxes and was designed to carry up to tons of cargo long distances. Moreover,to be able to drive off the pavement, off road vehicles need several characteristics. They need to have a low ground pressure, so as not to sink into soft ground, they need ground clearance to not get hung up on obstacles, and they need to keep their wheels or tracks on the ground so as not to lose traction. However,you guys think will enjoy this footage. Please share this on your Facebook,twitter and among your families and friends.