There are many techniques in case of catching fish. Fishes can be got of various kind at variance of place and water. There are many fishes around the world. Razor fish is one of them which is generally found at the beach under dumpy sand. they like to live such a place and it is so easy task to catch them. Only at first you have to spotted it or you have to get an idea that where it can be. After searching an explicit place of its site then all you have to do is to put some salt and sprinkle some water and then watch the amazing view that how it comes out from under ground. Razor fish generally tastes palatable and this kind of fish basically grows not too big. They are very beautiful to look at. When you put some salt as well as sprinkle some water razor fish come out on the surface and you will be able to catch it easily. You do not have to sustain any suffering to catch razor fish. Razor fish is so peaceful of the kind. thus,guys if you like this footage then you can share it among your family,friends,Facebook and twitter.