You may have seen some bizarre doings of the daredevils who make the world astonished. But this daredevil is posed to leap 2 mile above the air with laser beams of lightning randomly igniting in the sky. He also has no way of telling what direction is safe
MacCormac is a Red Bull Air Force athlete and his specialty is strapping a modified snowboard to his feet, a parachute on his back, and jumping out of planes. That\’s daring enough. In the video above, MacCormac decided the regular adrenaline rush of surfing across the sky was a little too weak and elected to juice things up big time by leaping from a plane during a powerful Florida thunderstorm.

Jump zones shut down during a thunderstorm because it would be insane for people to jump out of an airplane into one -- yet Sean MacCormac is poised to leap from 2 miles above Southwest Florida with laser beams of lightning randomly igniting the sky and no way to tell which direction is safe. He charges out, feet strapped to his board to surf into a hostile thundercloud at speeds up to 130 mph.

MacCormac did seem aware of the real danger in what he was doing. \"You are jumping into it with the full understanding that you are going through a mine field that could pop off somewhere,\" he said.

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