Motorcycles are complex inanimate objects, like guns. They become dangerous when operated by the wrong users. In regards to the safety of riding a motorcycle compared to riding in a car, there is quite a bit of publicly available data that suggests that riding a motorcycle is more dangerous. But this man neglects the dangerous side of the riding a motorcycle.
The video shows a man in blue shirt casually riding his motorcycle. He was in jolly mood and the weather was fine, no traffic, seems peaceful, until he arrived. It is not clear what happened to him. Was he in fantastic mood or feeling dizziness?  Halfway through the speed bump, the bike tumbled and he was thrown on the ground. The bike spinned on the air and hit him while he lies on the road. It seems the man was not seriously injured. Actually it was a great luck for him.

 It actually looks to me like it was caused by the front wheel/forks buckling, look at the way the wheel twists in relation to the handle bars just before the guy eats it. This can be a great lesson for them who drive their bike with a great speed.

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