You will do a great mistake when you will say this is bus and you will fall in problem when you will say this is a boat. The new Hamburg Hafencity Riverbus is a bit of both. The amphibious vehicle is perfect for a port city, located around the rivers, where most of the places worth a visit is either on the water or on the shores. This new attraction combines the chance to tour both.
This is really a great innovation for our world of natural disaster. The Hafencity Riverbus has an amphibious body on a MAN truck chassis. It is able to take visitors on a city tour across land and water. This makes the amphibious vehicle ideally suited to the port city on the Elbe, since the vast majority of its tourist attractions are located either on or adjacent to the water. Thus, the new attraction skillfully combines tours of the harbor and the city.

The amphibious bus, the first of its kind in Germany, is built on an MAN truck chassis and offers city tours combined with river cruises. A further challenge is maintenance, as service to MAN Hafencity Riverbus can be provided just once a week. The reason being the unexpected, total success of the initiative. Powered by a 206kW straight-six turbodiesel, with a custom bus body and two jet drives, each with its own engine, under the rear deck – a legal requirement so that it can still get its passengers back to shore even if one engine fails.

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