We are living in a golden age of jetpacks, or at least of personal flying aircraft called jetpacks. Martin Aircraft is well on its way to commercial production, if not necessarily success, and they’ve already lined up buyers like Dubai’s police for their one-person flying machines.
The flights are in preparation for a manned flight display in China in early December. After 35 years of dedicated research and using the most advanced composite technology available alongside industry-standard aviation practices, we have produced an exceptional aircraft that provides real capability for our customers, particularly in the role of Saving Lives.

It uses a gasoline engine with two ducted fans to provide lift. It is specified to have a maximum speed of 40 km/h, a flight ceiling of 2,500 ft, a range of 15–20 km and endurance of about 28 minutes flight. Empty weight is 200 kg. The first customers are said to be first responders.

Without doubt the Martin Jetpack is one of the easiest aircraft to fly either manned or remotely, with a fly-by-wire system that allows hands-free hover and position hold. The jetpack, which uses Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL), can land on rooftops covered with aerials and wires, and fly into tightly confined areas, making it a practical alternative to traditional helicopters. When coupled with its advanced safety features, including a ballistic parachute that can open as low as six meters above the ground, the Martin Jetpack now gives operators true freedom for mission focus.

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