Free climbers are among the most technically impressive climbers on the planet. Taking on some of the most difficult grades in the world, these athletes are truly to be admired for their skill and sheer determination. But this climber has shown his amazing sheering ability that is more than those climbers.
The name of this brave man is David Colhoun, who climbs on a high vertical mountain. He and his buddy were climbing the Dark Shadows route at Red Rocks when they were passed by a free climber. He was very polite about asking to pass and after a few minutes, David made sure he was safe and let him by, watching in awe as he cruised passed.

The brave climber was about 275′ above the ground when he approached. You can see the man is climbing just holding the edge of the rocks and he is not using any safety gear. But his companion is using a safety gear in his foot.

Videos like this makes me both nervous and super jealous of people who have the stones to free climb a mountain! So awesome! When you think of free climbing, you probably think of a solo climber scaling a sheer granite face in Yosemite without any ropes or safety equipment. However, not all free climbing is as gnarly and risky as this.

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