Most stunning moment a truck spins 180 degrees as the driver swerves an oncoming car and ends up parking almost perfectly on the roadside. The footage was captured by a CCTV camera from Guangdong province in southern China shows a small truck driving down a road in Dongguan City at considerable speed.
Here in this video, you can see a car suddenly appears from its left-hand side and recklessly turns onto the carriageway. The truck was running at a great speed and the driver is forced to swerve out of the the way and manages to dodge the oncoming vehicle by a split second.

The driver was able to avoid the horrendous crash and he manages to spin the truck 180 degrees, gently bumping a nearby tree and parking almost perfectly straight at the side of the road. The truck was bumped but without any harm.

According to local media reports no one was injured in the crash and only a plant pot was damaged. The clip uploaded to a Chinese news website, has been viewed thousands of times. Most of the viewers wowed the driver for their skill of driving.

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