How safe is our sea for traveling? After watching this footage you will think twice after getting the objects that you will find in sea.  A skillful Royal Navy bomb squad safely detonated a 2,200lb Nazi sea mine after it was discovered by a shocked beach-goer who thought it was an oil drum. A man named Paul Austin who found the Second World War device washed up on the West Sussex coast and initially joked about throwing stones at it.
Bomb disposal teams in Bognor Regis are pictured inspecting the metal mine, which is about 6ft (1.8m) long. Paul Austin, who found the device and alerted emergency services. He told BBC, ‘At first it looked like a big oil drum. I didn’t think it was a bomb. He also said to his companions, "Let’s throw stones at it” as a joke. But then he thought – actually, that’s a torpedo or a bomb.

The device was about 500 yards from his front door that was one of the biggest bombs the Nazis made. Bomb disposal teams inspected the metal mine, which is about 6ft (1.8m) long and is thought to weigh 2,200lbs (1,000kg), and have been trying to make it safe.  A one-mile maritime and air exclusion zone has been enforced and the device will probably be towed out to sea and detonated, according to the coastguard. Police officers told how allowing air to flow through a property from the noise of an explosion can prevent glass shattering. No homes have been evacuated.

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