It is really a mysterious optical illusion during a dark storm has confused the internet. The video is taken from a car traveling through a long stretch of road in Queensland was posted online, but users have pointed out something very peculiar. You will also able to do it after noticing it. But you will be failed at the first glance.
You can see in this video, the camera pans across dark, rolling clouds in the middle of a thunderstorm in Mackay, north Queensland.  It shows ominous black clouds gathering in the distance as bad weather approaches. The scene ahead contrasts sharply with the sun-kissed road, creating an eerie feel. While many correctly identified the weird object as the reflection of the person filming inside the car, the video has gone viral regardless.

“Is that God with a big camera?” read the comment, posted by an eagle-eyed user. The bizarre phenomenon becomes obvious as a giant pair of hands can be seen hovering in the sky, appearing to hold a camera phone. Some are actually more taken aback by a ‘terrifying’ site that appears to hover over the stretch of road in front of the car.

It is, in fact, the reflection of the man recording being picked up on camera. Don’t forget to share this video with your friends and on Facebook.