The technologists are always trying to invent new technology that are new and come to us with a great surprise. We have seen the inventions in the past that are really amazing. A new flying taxi-bubble is invented that is about to get tested on the river Seine in Paris: powered by green energy and producing zero emissions, it promises to help relieve traffic congestion and improve air quality in urban centers, and to make urban mobility just that little bit smarter.

This flying sea taxi works using a hydrofoil which lifts it above the water and it can reach speeds of 18 mph. The inventors of this want to make it work like an Uber service, using an app to hail a ride.The plan would be to have docking stations along a river to reduce road traffic in major cities. SeaBubbles, the firm behind the prototype, aims to have the boats ferrying passengers along rivers in cities around the world, including Paris and San Francisco, by 2018.

They are noiseless, stable, and can travel at speeds of up to 30 km/hour. The vehicle uses hydrofoil technology to lift the hull of the boat out of the water and an array of advanced sensors to keep the vehicle perfectly balanced and stable.  As soon as a speed of 12km/hour is reached, two electrical engines inside their hull allow the bubbles to lift up and hover two feet above water: this reduces drag and helps keep down their energy consumption. The sensors work together with the vehicle controls to compensate for the pitch, roll, and height of the vehicle in an effort to minimize the sensations that cause sea sickness.

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