When scientists are busy finding the evidence of alien presence on Earth or the world may remain perplexed by the discovery of unidentified flying objects in the sky, it is time to pay attention to one of the many out-of-the-world mysteries this planet has to offer — the ‘living stones’ in Romania that grow over 10 meters tall and are able to move, breathe and reproduce.

Years of research have led scientists to this amazing discovery in Romania. Many have even wondered if the stones, which are capable of autonomous movement, could possibly possess a conscious. They are called ‘trovants’ and they’ve had scientists scratching their heads in wonder ever since they were first discovered.

These Trovants of Romania are an amazing geological phenomena, found in a small village named Costesti. Trovants is a synonym for the German term “Sandsteinkonkretionen“, which means Cemented Sand. They were believed to be a type of sandstone concretion that secrete cement and can appear to grow at times, as if they are alive.

These fascinating ‘living stones’ were thought to consist of a stone core with an outer shell of sand, and after a heavy rain small stone forms are said to appear on the rocks leading them to be dubbed as the “growing stones”.

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