Wingsuit flying was the invention of extreme seakers people who wanted to turn their skydiving and base jumps into something more similar to flying than just falling to the earth like a brick. If you’ve ever dreamt of soaring through the air like a superhero, you’re not alone. Dreams of flying­ have captivated human imagination since prehistoric times.

For centuries, early flight pioneers tried to achieve this very feat by attaching artificial wings to their arms and backs. History books are filled with tales of enthusiastic pioneers leaping from high places, wings spread and plummeting back to the Earth. This 29-year-old daredevil was on the brink of a feat no one had dared before – gliding down the side of the 3,560ft mountain.

This daredevil took a breath and stepped out into the clear Welsh air just vrelying only on a wingsuit, a parachute, and his own courage.  He explained the feelings of his diving and said the feeling of plunging from 8,000ft in the 6am summer sun was ‘like nothing else’.

He added: ‘It is like you’re unconscious and everything you think about or worry about falls away. ‘You’re just flying and it’s a lovely thing. The view was absolutely stunning. Seeing all the lakes, it was brilliant and the weather was absolutely perfect.’ It was nothing but the beauty of the death-defying drop – carried out with his friend Mike Hitchcock, who filmed the flight – was years of meticulous planning. This unique brave pair had tried to do the flight earlier this year but they had to cancel as the weather was so bad. This was a sunny day when they start their stunt.

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