Electric scooters are practical and fun, but annoyingly, they don\’t transform into unicycles. Oh wait, yes they do - say hello to the UNO. The latest prototype, which is being shown off at CES, adds a third unmotorised wheel that stretches out the front at high speeds, transforming the Uno into a normal-looking scooter, which we assume also defends the Earth from its evil robot enemies.

Dispatch riders and couriers know the fastest way to weave through heavy traffic is on a motorbike. But for those jams even two wheels can\’t navigate, a new solution has been developed. When the rider shifts forward, the vehicle speeds up to regain balance, when the rider leans back, the vehicle slows. Steering is controlled by side-to-side motion of the rider. The electric-powered machine balances on two parallel rear wheels, the front retracting between them to allow it to manoeuvre through spaces so tight it can be driven into a building - and even fit in the lift.

Now the remarkable vehicle is being produced by his own motor design company in Cambridge, Massachusetts, called BPG Motors. Once in motorcycle mode, riders can reach a breezy 30mph. Breathe a sigh of relief- the company hopes to increase the performance of the bike.

The details:
1. Price: $5,000-7,000 (similar to a high-end scooter)
2. Deposit: refundable deposit for now is $250 (USD). BPG Motors will later will want a $1000 (USD) non-refundable deposit.
4. Charge: 3-4 hours charge time
5. Range: projected to get 30-35 miles on a single charge
6. Emissions: Zero
7. License: Classified as a scooter, so check with your state for licensing requirements

8. Bonus: Transformer

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