The military has depended on trains since the invention of the train. From tanks to artillery, troops to nuclear weapons and ammunition, the train is one of the most efficient ways to move a lot of tonnage across the USA. Heck, the railway depots at military bases are often so large, they could swallow a football stadium in their acreage!

Here in this drone footage, you can see a very long military train is carrying numerous tanks, trucks other equipment. The remarkable fact is the size of the train. It seems it is one of the longest train of the world. These trains also haul equipment heading onto cargo ships, to include UN-slated vehicles and other such cargo that might draw alarm by conspiracy theorists.

One continuous shot of the SMFKB military train heading into San Luis Obispo, CA after training exercises at Camp Roberts. Lead by Union Pacific 4567, Union Pacific 4859, Kansas City Southern 3902, Kansas City Southern 3909, and Union Pacific 2621 locomotives. After watching the video, you will confess that actually this military train is a symbol of the power of the land force of USA.

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