TMC Dumont, is a different kind of motorbike and it is designed futuristic model and equipped with Rolls-Royce Continental V6 engine with 300 hp. This  motorbike is fully leaked 36-inch wheels and was the champion of Daytona Bike Week, the most important customization event in the world.

Technology is developing day by day and the technology lovers can see incredible inventions. This special designed motorbike is developed and designed by the Brazilian Tarso Marques .The 36-inch fully-cast wheels, the extremely low profile tires and the Rolls-Royce Continental V6 aircraft engine of the 1960s make us wonder.

With its 300 horsepower speed, TMC Dumont  can easily draw attention of the people to wherever it goes. For its sophisticated design or the coarse snore of your engine’s engine, it already snatches the heart of the young people, specially who love motorbike.

It is really futuristic and unconventional that looks like a sculpture or some design used in films of heroes or science fiction. Everything in it was developed and manufactured in Brazil, from the painting full of areography to the machining of wheels and chassis. Actually it is a great invention of our imagination.

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