The Bolivia Road of Death is an 80-90 kilometer stretch leading from La Paz, Bolivia to the small city of Coroico, located to the North in the Bolivian yungas, a jungle high in the Andes mountains. The road of death Bolivia is the world’s most dangerous road because several hundred people die in accidents on this road each year.

But most of the drivers drive their vehicle through these roads for transporting passengers and goods. A shocking video captures the moment a bus plunged off a cliff on the ’world’s most dangerous road’. The bus was traversing the North Yungas Road in Bolivia when it suddenly went off the road and fell, plunging into a cliff and causing the death of the driver, who was the only man onboard.

The jaw-dropping footage shows the driver creeping past the cliff’s edge on a treacherous stretch of the Bolivian pass while a crowd tries to help guide his way. One man who steps forward and gestures to the driver to help him steer further away from the edge does so in vain as it eventually tips forward with the weight of it carrying it over the side. The crowd looked on in horror as the bus fell 50 meters down the ravine killing the driver.

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