We are now living in the age of advance technology and we are seeing the fantastic innovation of science. The world is going to see the first flying car that is set to go on the market with pre-sales scheduled to begin next month.

This amazing car is two-seat hybrid-electric vehicles, which can switch between driving and flying modes in less than a minute, will be delivered to customers next year. It travels at just 100 miles per hour, making it slower than the world’s most sluggish jet, the Soviet PZL M-15 Belphegor that was built to be used on massive state-owned farms. The most notable aspect of the vehicle is its folding wings, that extend to allow flight. Generally it can be retracted when driving on roads.

This Transition can fly up to 400 miles (640km) at top speeds of 100mph (160kmh), that in form the manufacturer Terrafugia, which belongs to the parent company of Volvo. The price has not yet been fixed but preliminary sales for the first of the pioneering models will begin in October.  It is improved including a hybrid-electric motor, upgraded seats, more luggage storage, improved seat belts and airbags, the company said.

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