This prank is really great and at the same time it is also a matter of laughter. Give your friends a surprise if you can do so, but it is not possible for all because it is too hard to do this. One can do it after a long practice and period.

Here in this video, the girl is making fun with the shoppers who was busy with choosing their necessary things. We have seen a few backwards crawling but none are as fast and natural as this girl. She is just fantastic. It seems the girl has practiced for long to be perfect for walking long time.

Some viewers commented differently.  One of the viewers commented - ’This has me crying with laughter, holy shit! I don’t know why it’s so fvcking funny but I can’t breathe.’ And the others commented, “Beautiful, flexible, and has a wicked sense of humor. Who do I sell my soul too?” “I’m dying with laughter and my wife wants to know wtf is so funny she can’t sleep.”

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