The Boeing 929 Jetfoil is the name for a passenger-carrying waterjet-propelled hydrofoil design by Boeing. Boeing began adapting many systems used in jet airplanes for hydrofoils. The Jetfoil goes ahead by the thrust force generated by the water jet propulsors powered by gas turbine engines, and flies over the water surface by the dynamic lift generated by the fully submerged forward and aft foils fixed to the hull with struts.

The design and technology of this hydrofoil boat reduces drag, increasing speed and efficiency. This ship gives you the feeling of flying and when landing it goes into the water like a usual ship. The Boeing Hydrofoil Is designed for passenger comfort at high speeds. It can give passengers a smooth and fast ride and its three narrow struts created a fraction of the wake that a ship of its size would normally make.

Boeing launched its first passenger-carrying waterjet-propelled hydrofoil in April 1974. It could carry from 167 to 400 passengers. It was based on the same technology pioneered by the patrol hydrofoil Tucumcari, and used some of the same technology used in the Pegasus class military patrol hydrofoils.

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