There are two most common types of wheels that are used in cars. One is steel and another is alloy wheels. You can find another types of wheel like carbon fiber as well, but those type of wheels are quite rare. The differences between the alloy and the steel wheels are their durability, strength and appearance.

Here in this video you can see a test of STEEL vs ALLOY rims / wheels. Then you will get a clear idea about which one is stronger. The You Tuber of this video uses 150 ton press and crush them to find out which is better. You should not try this at home!” He posted this video in a channel names “Hydraulic Press Channel”.

Both types of wheels are good and their advantages and disadvantages for different types of driving. If you want beauty and performance you must use alloy, and you want to use tough, inexpensive, ugly, you can use steels. Steel wheels have strength and ability to bend rather than crack, means there’s a reduced chance you’d be left stranded in the event of a hard impact.

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