The wind blows because the temperature of the different places that create differences in air pressure from one location to another. Wind blows from the area of high pressure toward the area of low pressure. If the high pressure area is very close to the low pressure area, or if the pressure difference is very great, the wind can blow very fast.

Here in this video you can see man creates wind in his project veproject1 by using a glass tube where he places at both ends of the tube two glasses one filled with ice and the other filled with boiling water, in the middle of the tube he has placed a fan that rotates and shows that wind is created. By the rotating speed of the fan, we can easily understand the speed of the wind.

The fact is here that warm air is less dense and creates less air pressure, it will rise; cold air is denser and creates greater air pressure that wants to capture the place where the pressure is low. When warm air rises, cooler air will often move in to replace it. This project is really cool and it is very easy to create wind blowing automatically.

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