You must be amazed when you will see the floating fountain that is not connected to any water mains or to an endless supply of water flow but is designed to catch the eye of the people and make them wonder at the mystery unraveling before their very eyes.

The King of Random shows in this video how to build a magic floating faucet fountain just using some simple equipment at home. If you want to make this,you will need a bucket, some decorative rocks, a small water pump, a clear acrylic tube and a spigot. You can be clear after watching the video.

Everybody will be astonished when this magical float fountain above the bucket and it is actually suspended in place on a transparent plastic pipe. If you want you can also include some lights  to make it more gorgeous at night and this product is suitable use in living rooms, offices, etc. to add more to the interior decor. You can easily impress your friends and family by making your own fountain that creates the illusion of a faucet floating in midair over a bucket that never fills.

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