The engaging in mobile phone has become a great addiction that is not so good for human. It has made us all (children and adults) into gamblers, sitting in our bedrooms just like slots players sit in windowless casinos, forgetting the time of day, addicted to the next spin and the possibilities it brings.

This bizarre video has surfaced from Nova Serrana, Brazil, that shows something interesting and at the same time terrifying when it happened an armed robbery at a bar. One of the patrons doesn’t notice what’s happening around him because he was too focused on his phone. After the end of the robbery, he looks up and notices that something is wrong.

It seems this guy might have a bit of a problem. Most of the phone users obsessed with their phone but he was doing something another. When an armed man stormed into the bar and shouted “Robbery”. Almost everyone except Jose Carlos de Almeida hit the deck.

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