The heavy snowfall that the resort was experiencing the avalanche comes hurling down the mountain. Resort guests struggle desperately to extricate Their fellow skiers and snowboarders from a potentially fatal situation. Here in this footage we could see that plenty of people are smothered with ice because of huge avalanche.

Some unfortunate people who went for skating and went for a stroll. Usually human beings have keen attraction to beauty and they are also the adorer of elegance. They always rushing toward beauty. But this kind of trend and hobby most of the time may result in very bad sequel over all.

Here in this raw footage it is seen that the resort guests are trying their level best to rescue the skiers who are awfully covered with a huge ice. The skiers were on the verge of death. But at length they are successfully retrieved out of the immense clumps and cluster of the ice. Thus, guys if you like this then you can share this footage among your friends, family, Facebook and twitter.