A sinkhole in a northwestern Chinese city swallowed a young woman in a dramatic scene that was captured on security camera and shared widely on Chinese social media. The woman as walking along the pavement in Lanzhou, in the Gansu Province in China’s northwest, when the ground below her feet gave way.

The footage shows, the unnamed woman can be seen walking along the bricked pavement when the ground beneath her feet suddenly gives way, causing her to disappear into the ground mere feet away from stunned witnesses.

The sinkhole suddenly opens up beneath her feet as she heads towards a bus stop in the city of Lanzhou. Her feet give way and she disappears into the ground, just a couple of feet away from stunned witnesses.

The woman appears to hit her head on the way down as her body vanishes from view. Later on in the footage, an onlooker leans over the side of the hole and films her half buried in mud several meters underground. She is still conscious and desperately calls out for help. Emergency rescuers eventually rescued her from the hole and took her to hospital, where she was treated for two broken ribs.

The woman was taken to the hospital by paramedics and was found to have two fractures on her ribs. Her condition was reportedly stable. The sinkhole has been cordoned off as local authorities investigate into the cause of the accident.

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