It is very easy to transport anything by plane or helicopter that is a great mean of communication also. But if happens any crash, then the possibility of survive is rare. A helicopter flips over while struggling to take off. Authorities released the video of showing the crash of a police copter that took place in Arkansas that left one person injured.

This  helicopter smashed into the ground causing the rotors to snap off and fly into the air. According to authorities, pilot and retired officer William Denio was seriously injured when the helicopter crashed. The pilot was reportedly rushed to hospital with a head injury after the chopper smashed into the ground after getting caught by the wind.

Here in this video you can see, the Bell TH-67 on a platform at a police training facility with its rotors turning. Terrifyingly the chopper and the platform start to move as the helicopter pitches and fails to gain altitude. It is seen a man then comes out of a building, seeming to signal the pilot to land. After breaking the rotor the helicopter also tilted on the ground.

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