Bicycle is a popular vehicle around the world. It is used widely for light weight and being cheap. But the great problem of its parking place. Technologists have designed a unique bicycle parking device that is called. PARKIs. PARKIS is a simple and smart space saving solution for bicycles.

It is completely mechanical and magically lifts your bike without any physical effort. It is an ideal bike rack that saves space at home, in the office, garage, balcony or under any shelter. It is easy to install anywhere and fun to use every day! It doesn’t require maintenance, is simple and fun to use, which allows you to vertically park your bicycle without any physical efforts.

PARKIS lets you free up precious storage floor space at home, in your office, garage or balcony. It is eco-friendly, entirely mechanical equipment, which does not require electricity.With PARKIS you can keep bicycles in the balcony and save min. The superior version of PARKIS. Its durability meets the level of excellence. Made of anodized aluminum and stainless steel. 40% more of the floor space. PARKIS is great because it can be used by almost everyone – including teenagers, elderly, pregnant women.The bike parking should not only be comfortable and easy but also it should have the looks. The device speaks for itself.

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