Sometimes moment gets stuck at little bit away from death. This poor  driver’s problem was like that. His tractor trailer suddenly stuck on a railroad crossing when a train was several meters away from the trailer. The dashboard camera captured the moment when  the freight train plowed through a tractor-trailer near Chester, Virginia. Luckily, nobody was hurt in the incident.

No explosions, no special effects, just a train going full speed through the middle of the trailer. Though the train driver had to drive straight through a lorry. The moment was filmed by another driver, who came round the corner to see the huge lorry stuck over the tracks with the crossing lights flashing. "Turned the corner to approach the crossing and found the tractor-trailer stopped on the tracks with the crossing guard down and the lights flashing," wrote Mike Eugene, the man who filmed the incident.

When the driver got sure that the trailer will not move. He did something great to survive himself. He got down from the trailer truck and ran away. When he reached the safe distance, the train hit on the trailer truck. Within seconds, lit slices into two and the front side of the trailer runs a while. This was really a terrifying moment.

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