A group of cyclists luckily escaped serious injury by just a few inches. This incident happened when hundreds of cyclists were commuting through the city of London. This group was making its way along a designated cycle route to the side of the Strand where there a number of designated cycle crossings.

Here in this video you can see, the group of cyclist was waiting at a Toucan crossing a crossing designed for both cyclists and pedestrians. The cyclists and pedestrians would have their own green light informing them of when to cross but at the beginning of the footage the light is green for road traffic.

Among them one of the cyclists who was wearing a helmet camera who captured the shocking moment in full. You can see some of the cyclists attempt to creep out onto the road, but just seconds later a lorry looms into view. The lorry driver is forced to slam on his brakes to avoid a serious crash. You can hear, ;one of them screamed saying ‘f***ing hell’.

Some of the witnesses were shocked and put their hands to their face, while others put their arms on their head. It is normal to do this in this moment. Soon after the near-miss one of the cyclists urges the lorry driver to reverse so the rest of the group can start to cross the road. The person who took the footage believes the lorry driver is at fault but the video is not conclusive and the party responsible is not clear.

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