Keeping car stop for traffic light is so annoying when there is no other traffics on the roads. A motorist in central China has been detained for demolishing a temporary traffic light in an apparent fit of pique. The man could not hold himself when he saw the light is not changing.

This 36-year-old man whose surname is Xin, was driving home in Jinshi, Hunan province, about 10pm when he was stopped by a red light at an intersection. After waiting for about two minutes, he became furious that was not so long to wait for the traffic light. At one point , Xin got out of his car, walked up to the temporary structure and pulled it to the floor. The footage was captured on a nearby surveillance camera.

You can see the man then returned to his car and drove off. By checking the incident, local police spent two weeks trying to track down the driver.  At last local police was able to catch him and Xin was given five days’ administrative detention.

In custody he told police that he had been in a bad mood at that time because he had been arguing with a friend at a nearby hotel. He was fined for the offensive work but it was not clear how much the fine was.

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