October can still be a great time to travel, there are many travel lovers who spend their vacation in this season. Autumn can be many things. It can be the dreamy scent of bonfire smoke on restorative air; pumpkins on porches; blazing leaves. Autumn is the season when our surroundings undergo a subtle change and the weather becomes pleasant. With so much of oozing charm around us, there are many places to visit in October.

These destinations offer something for every traveler, whether you\’re a history buff, a nature lover, a beach bum, or a beer-guzzling party animal. You can also enjoy stirring landscapes, late summer sun, vibrant festivals, and a whole lot more. Here are top 5 places to visit in October.

1. North Adams, Massachusetts

Usually early October is best for the Berkshires, late October will be too late for sure! The color comes and goes in a matter of days and I think the pickins\’ will be slim by the end of the month. The natural beauty that dazzles us on a crisp, blue-sky autumn afternoon is the very same beauty that enticed settlers to the area to homestead, to start farms, and build communities.

There is no better way to immerse oneself in the glorious autumn foliage of the Berkshires than a road trip. An afternoon spent traversing the scenic byways of the Berkshires, reveling in the bright displays of leafy color, can easily segue into apple picking or a shopping spree in one of our vibrant communities, where the past is valued and the future is embraced.

2. Formentera, Spain

Situated south of the island of Ibiza, Formentera enjoys a Mediterranean climate characterised by mild, relatively dry autumns. During the month of October average temperatures on the island of Formentera range between 15°C at night to 23°C during the day.

During these 2 months, prices shoot up to the higher level, the Island gets full of tourists, traffic gets horrible and the beaches are so crowded that you can hardly lie on the sand or see the horizon due to the large number of boats and yachts moored in its wonderful waters. If your holiday schedule will not allow to come in another period, relax and try to make the most of your time in Formentera. But if you can choose, best time to come to Formentera is without doubt May, June, September and even October. Prices offer good value for money, all accommodation, restaurants and shops are open and beaches are like heaven in paradise.

3. Holland

Mid-September to October with a bit chilly weather and moderate prices is the best time to visit Netherlands. It\’s a period of the country coming to life: Keukenhof is bloomed with colourful tulips and the Hollandse Nieuwe Herring is the freshest.  Autumn off-peak season brings generous discounts to many hotels around the Netherlands. Winter will infatuate you with traditional Christmas treats and absence of tourist crowds at major sights.

Tradition and innovation intertwine here: artistic masterpieces, centuries-old windmills, tulip fields and romantic candlelit cafés coexist with visionary architecture, cutting-edge design and phenomenal nightlife. With fabulously pancake-flat, scenic landscapes beckoning along every last dyke, canal, river and coastal shore, two-wheeling in the Netherlands is one of Dutch life\’s greatest pleasures.

4. Santa Barbara, California

Santa Barbara is best known for its broad, sandy beaches, and whether you’re looking to catch the perfect wave or the perfect sunset, there are plenty from which to choose. East Beach is a favorite located east of State Street, Santa Barbara’s main thoroughfare for shopping and dining, and Stearns Wharf, the oldest working pier in California.

Whether you want to relax on the beach, stroll through the city’s eclectic shops and boutiques, or figure out which winery you’re going to try first. You’ll find plenty of activities and attractions, from total relaxation to thrilling adventures. Santa Barbara offers everything that you desire, from art and culture to outdoor recreation, an unbeatable food and wine scene with hundreds of restaurants to choose from as well as dozens of vibrant events.

5. Oman

Oman is known for its high mountains, silky sand dunes, preserved fortresses, and breathtaking fjords. If you prefer cooler, pleasant weather, head to Oman’s north coast from October through April, with the best window being November until the end of February.  It’s all about exploring the diverse terrain of the country, which includes majestic mountains, dramatic deserts, and serene coastlines.

If you’re a first-time visitor, a week in the north of Oman will allow you to take in the country’s key landscapes. Begin with a night or two in Muscat, then spend the rest of your trip exploring Sur, Nizwa, the Al Hajar Mountains, and Mussanah before returning to the capital to catch your flight home. Hike the scenic Jebel Akhdar trails, or enjoy the views from the hotel\’s mountain-edge infinity pool with a cocktail in hand.

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